Digital Marketing For Athletes

You need to shine before, during and after the game. Let us take care of the off-game details while you focus on your performance.

What we do


We help you build your brand from scratch, or take it to the next level. Every athlete and team needs to develop an identity, present their values and culture in a consistent and powerful way,

Marketing strategy

From Twitter to Instagram to your own website. We will get you set up with a comprehensive marketing strategy to connect with your fans.

Social Growth

We grow your social media fan base and reach more people than ever. Our strategies ensure your social presence grows organically and continuously.

Content Creation

We work on creating captivating content that will get your audience engaging and work well with the brand you are trying to build.

Highlight Packages

Here at Spotlight Sports, we have spoken to many coaches who gothrough hundreds of recruitment videos every season and we knowwhat they look for and what annoys them. Not only do we create thevideo for you, but we help distribute it and promote it to our differentsocial media channels.


Dpn't get caught up in the next controversy because of an old tweet that you thought was funny in 2011. We will sweep your social accounts clean of any controversial posts, as well as moderate for future ones.

Services we offer


We work with athletes…

Pablo “Chicho” Mingorance

Midfielder, Player, Soccer

Giorgio Vernola

Player, Soccer

Axel Velazquez

Player, Soccer

and media companies

Diez FC


Hockey Memes


Women’s Soccer News


Chai & Chill

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