We offer a wide range of services to cater to every individual's needs. Our 3 main services are:

Social Media Management

We get it, you'd rather be out there practicing your craft. You don't have time to be posting videos, building connections with fans and promoting yourself.

With our social media management package, we will:
~Create daily content
~Interact with your fans and members of the footy community to create strong relationships
~Moderate comments
~Respond to potential brand partnerships
~Grow your account

The more your account grows, the more exposure you have and themore sponsorship opportunities!

Prices start at $50/week!

Website Development

While social media is a great well to provide daily updates to your fans and followers, it does not provide you with all the tools to tell your whole story. By having your own professional website, you will be able to have all your information such as your biography, your CV, your stats, your blog, and even your merchandise!

With our website development package, we include:
~Custom Domain ~Hosting ~24/7 Maintenance ~Unlimited Pages

Not every athlete has taken the opportunity to strengthen their digital presence through having their own website. It is a great option for up-and coming athletes who want to grab the attention of teams and scouts, as well as for the established athlete looking to tell their story.

Prices start at $200 per site!

Highlight Video Creation

Having a quality highlight video can prove quite helpful for a player looking to get noticed by recruiters. Coaches and scouts generally don’t have the time it takes to see hundreds of recruits in person. A well-done video and effective distribution strategy can be an important step in opening the door for players.

Here at Spotlight Sports, we have spoken to many coaches who go through hundreds of recruitment videos every season and we know what they look for and what annoys them. Not only do we create the video for you, but we help distribute it and promote it to our different social media channels.

To create your highlight package you can send us all your footage and we will work our magic to create an attractive video, or we can go to you and film you! Our filming methods means that the camera will be focused on you for every moment of your game so that we can get the best footage possible!

Prices start at $150 per video!

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